The Roll - Terms of Service

The Roll - Find your best photos & organize your Camera Roll. Scroll less, shoot more. The Roll puts an end to your photo mess by automatically tagging, organizing and helping you find the best images on your Camera Roll.

Welcome to our Terms of Service - read them carefully before you start using The Roll! These Terms of Service govern the use of the mobile application The Roll (the “App”), which is operated by EyeEm Mobile GmbH, Kohlfurter Str. 41/43, 10999 Berlin, Germany (“we” or “us”).

Acceptance of the Terms

In order to use The Roll you need to install the App and agree to our Terms of Service (“Terms”). By clicking on the “Access my photos” button after opening the App for the first time, you give your consent to these Terms.


You do not need to register to use the App. However, we reserve the right to impose conditions for accessing and using the App at any time (e.g. signing up, age restrictions, etc.).


The Roll makes your photos smarter, better and more organized. It uses EyeEm Vision, an advanced image recognition technology to uncover your best photos, group similar ones, and easily find and share in one tap. With your consent, the App accesses all photos available in your “Photos” app on your iOS mobile device, reviews them and displays them in the App. To get all your photos reviewed, recognized and scored The Roll needs a stable internet connection.

Important: The Roll will never save a single photo of yours, nor will a human ever see your photos. It is a fully automated review process.

We reserve the right to update, modify or stop providing our Services - or any part of the Services - at any time, and may also create usage and access limits in our sole discretion.

Use of Services

In using our Services you must comply with these Terms and all applicable laws and regulations. You must also not misuse the App nor infringe any third party rights. You are solely responsible for your usage of the App. All Services provided are for personal use only.

Your Photos

At any time, you keep full ownership of your photos accessed via the App. When you allow the App to access your photos, your photos will be formatted, compressed and transmitted to servers in order to generate and display enhanced data for each photo (e.g. keywords, captions and/or picture scores) within the App.

Important: Any temporary copies made during the review process will be deleted from the servers involved immediately once the review process has been completed. We will not make your photos available to others, nor will we store them. No human will ever see your photos during the review process.

Please note: Once you delete a photo from the App, it will be deleted from your Pictures folder in your Photos app on your iOS mobile device, since your photos are not transferred or copied into the App.

Disclaimer of Liability

We do not guarantee error-free and uninterrupted access to our Services. In addition, we may need to carry out maintenance and repairs and introduce new features from time to time. We also make no representation or warranty that information processed and provided to you via the App (such as keywords, captions and picture scores) is correct, complete, appropriate, and/or fit for a particular purpose. We hereby disclaim all liability for defects as to quality or title of the App and the Services provided, to the extent legally permissible.

Modifications of Terms

We reserve the right to modify the Terms at any time, in case of new services, features or technical changes. If we make changes, we will inform you within the App two weeks before the updated Terms shall come into effect (“Effective Date”). If you continue to use the App after the Effective Date, you automatically give your consent to the updated Terms. If you do not agree with the updated Terms, you must not use the App after the Effective Date.

Final Clauses

German law shall apply as the jurisdiction for these Terms. Should any clause in these Terms be rendered wholly or partially invalid, ineffectual, or not enforceable, the remaining clauses shall remain valid and effective.

April 2016